About Prescription Drug Insurance

Many health insurance plans do not offer complete prescription drug insurance for all drugs. It is common for some drugs to be excluded completely. There is a list of what the health insurance provider will cover for particular drugs or types of drugs. You may have to specifically request this list. You could be required to use a particular pharmacy for your prescriptions to be covered by your health insurance provider. You can, however, often purchase additional prescription drug insurance with your health insurance plan that will give you much broader and financial assistance in covering your prescription drug costs.

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The following guides have been provided to help you better understand prescription drug coverage so you can make an informed decision about which plan best meets your needs. Whether you are on Medicare, have an individual or family health insurance plan, or have no regular health insurance, there is a prescription plan that can work for you. However, you should make certain that your medications are covered and also understand the limits of prescription drug coverage. So take a few minutes and become informed - it will save you when you are ready to buy a plan.